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PAW Patrol: Grand Prix Complete Edition Xbox Review

PAW Patrol: Grand Prix – Complete Edition is a perfect starter racing game for young fans of the beloved Nickelodeon show and launched on March 8, 2024. The base game originally launched in September 2022, by 3DClouds and Outright Games, and my daughters who were aged 5 and 2 at that time enjoyed having autopilot on and they just had to aim the vehicles of their favourite PAW Patrol characters. Now the Complete Edition has launched which includes the base game and both DLCs – PAW Patrol: Grand Prix – Race in Barkingburg and PAW Patrol Grand Prix – Pup Treat Arena.

You will find yourself racing around iconic locations such as Adventure Bay, Jake’s Snowboarding Resort and The Jungle, using faithfully recreated vehicles associated with everyone’s favourite pups. The aim is to win the Pup Cup, but for me and my daughters it is more about learning how to play a racing game in the most relaxed way possible. The game shines in its accessibility and the controls are incredibly basic.

With just steering and acceleration needed to navigate the tracks, you can turn on the optional autopilot mode that practically drives itself, which was perfect for my daughters. The bright colors, cheerful music, and familiar voices from the TV series create a welcoming atmosphere for children and all they had to worry about was firing off powerups when they had collected enough pup treats.

While there’s a clear winner in each race, the emphasis here is on having fun, not hardcore competition. Older children and adults will find even the hardest difficulty not a challenge at all, but the focus is clearly aimed at young children and fans of the TV show. The power-ups are cute and helpful rather than malicious, and the tracks themselves are cleverly designed to prevent frustration. Up to four players can compete on-screen, making it a great choice for family game nights before bed time.

The Complete Edition includes all the DLC tracks and costumes, giving you the full PAW Patrol Grand Prix experience. Race in Barkingburg added three new tracks in the Barkingburg Cup and six new vehicles to drive, inspired by the “PAW Patrol: Ready, Race, Rescue” movie. The tracks themselves are visually appealing and contain some obstacles, but with autopilot on everyone has a chance. Pup Treat Arena content added the ability for any pup to use any powerup in the game such as Everest’s Snowballs, Tracker’s Grabber Arm and Ryder’s Invincibility Shield.

Overall, PAW Patrol: Grand Prix – Complete Edition is a winner for preschoolers and young Paw Patrol fans, and I had a great time watching my daughters play the game with autopilot on. It delivers a charming and accessible racing experience that prioritises fun over complexity in short and friendly races. This is a game aimed at younger audiences, and it delivers on that outcome perfectly.

This review utilised a key bought by the review on Xbox Series X, and Paw Patrol: Grand Prix Complete Edition is available now on Steam, Xbox One and Series X/S, PlayStation 4/5 and Nintendo Switch.


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