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Windward Horizon Announced – Set to Sail on PC in 2024

One of my favourite hidden gem games of 2015 is a little indie title called Windward. It’s such a simple premise where you are in control of a ship sailing the high seas of a large procedurally generated world. The original game can be played solo or multiplayer and the music reminds me of Secret of Monkey Island, providing an easy-to-play yet difficult to master isometric pirate game. Seemingly out of nowhere, a sequel has been announced from Tasharen Entertainment called Windward Horizon and looks to set sail on PC in 2024.

Take command of the seas and explore a beautiful, procedurally generated world where various factions seek to expand their influence. Complete quests on behalf of each favoured faction to expand its influence and reach, or simply be a freelancer that helps out everyone equally. You will start as a young pirate with few friends and no port to call your own. Whether you follow the game’s story or sail freely, enjoying the atmosphere, you will soon encounter other faction leaders that seek to establish their mark upon the world. It will be your choice whether to help them or hinder them, as is whether to join their faction or make it on your own.

Dare to adventure by yourself or scout the seas with friends in online co-op. Sail across diverse biomes, from bone-chilling frozen tundras to harsh, barren deserts. Trade amongst fellow factions, fight off enemy pirates (or become one!), and help establish new flourishing towns. Take on assignments from other faction leaders, and if a high enough reputation is held, request the help of NPCs to complete particularly difficult tasks. 

Tailor nautical playstyles to individual taste with deep customisation systems. Assemble a naval crew on a fully customisable ship, selecting crew members and captains with specialised skills. Further specialise by delving into a flexible talent tree that allows mixing and matching without making any role permanent. Earn unique ship buffs by raising faction reputation to new heights. Windward Horizon will encourage modding enthusiasts to easily alter configurations even further to fit their needs.

“As a standalone sequel, Windward Horizon improves upon Windward’s foundation while keeping its original charm,” said Michael Lyashenko, Founder of Tasharen Entertainment. “With an engaging gameplay loop filled with intricate systems and detailed customization options, we’re creating a feeling of freedom many open world sandbox games can’t match.”

I personally cannot wait, and Windward Horizon arrives on PC via Steam in 2024 for US$20. For more information, visit the official Tasharen Entertainment website.


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