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MTG Streets of New Capenna Unboxing

At the end of April, the 92nd expansion set for Magic: The Gathering, Streets of New Capenna, released worldwide in both physical card form as well as on Magic: The Gathering Arena. The set contains 281 new cards and evolves around five unique crime families vying for control over the city. Wizards of the Coast were kind enough to send out a media kit for us to get involved with the physical card release.

The media kit contained a booster set bundle including an oversized spindown life counter, Streets of New Capenna card box, punchouts, counters, eight 12-card booster packs, 20 traditional foil cards and 20 regular basic land cards. There was also a commander set of Anhelo the Painter who is the right-hand man to the Maestro’s leader. Players can choose which out of the five three-colour crime factions they want to join, each led by a mob boss and characterised by a unique mechanic. The families are Obscura, Maestros, Riveteers, Cabaretti and Brokers. The commander set contained a 100-card deck with 15 new cards, deck box, 10 double-sided token cards, foil-etched display commander, life wheel, strategy insert and a reference card.

As someone who has never played the physical card game, it was cool to open the packs and see what cards were revealed. I’m still learning how to play the game via Magic: The Gathering Arena but I did recognise some rare and mythic cards. The quality of the cards feel great and the artwork detail is outstand. For those like me unfamiliar with the game and the Streets of New Capenna set, there’s a handy website over at where you can look at the whole set of cards, even search by card number, sort by rarity and other options to familiarise yourself with them.

A big thanks to Wizards of the Coast for sending us this media kit to celebrate the release of Streets of New Capenna, the 92nd expansion set for Magic: The Gathering. For more information on Streets of New Capenna, visit the official website.


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