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MTG Set Streets of New Capenna Launches Today

Early this morning, Wizards of the Coast launched the latest Magic: The Gathering (MTG) set: Streets of New Capenna. The tagline of the set is Family Means Business, and this new expansion set brings crime, class and corruption to a new Art Deco-style noir metropolis of New Capenna. The set evolves around five unique crime families vying for control over the city. Streets of New Capenna contains 281 cards and releases on MTG Arena and tabletop today.

Players can choose which out of the five three-colour crime factions they want to join, each led by a mob boss and characterised by a unique mechanic:

The ObscuraInformation is power
The Obscura are gifted magicians who channel their magic for means of deception, using illusions and orchestrating scenarios to manipulate and blackmail their adversaries.
Mechanic: Connive – draw a card and discard a card. If a non-land card is discarded this way, put a +1/+1 counter on the creature that connived.

The MaestrosKill for the finer things in life
Old-money vampires who are connoisseurs of art, the Maestros are shady assassins disguised among the elite and hell-bent on preserving the culture of Old Capenna. Mechanic: Casualty – sacrifice a creature with power N or greater to copy any spell tied to this ability.

The RiveteersAlways finish the job
Reliant on brute force to get the work done, the unmatched craftsmanship skills of the Riveteers make them masters of intimidation and destruction.
Mechanic: Blitz – creatures with blitz can be cast for an alternate cost to gain ‘haste’ and ‘when this creature dies, draw a card’. Sacrifice the creature at the beginning of the next end step.

The CabarettiFun isn’t free
The Cabaretti are a cult of druids known for throwing the most lavish parties in New Capenna, but their power over the masses reaches far beyond their illustrious dance halls.
Mechanic: Alliance – whenever another creature enters the battlefield, a unique effect is triggered.

The BrokersRead the fine print
While The Brokers seem to handle mundane legal matters and property disputes by day, these dubious solicitors secretly follow a grim doomsday prophecy.
Mechanic: Shield – if a creature with a shield counter would be destroyed or dealt damage, remove a shield counter instead.

There are also ten new full art Metropolis basic land cards to utilise – Plains, Mountain, Island, Swamp and Forest. Streets of New Capenna will be available as Draft Boosters, Set Boosters, and Collector Boosters, with factionalised Theme Boosters and Commander Decks for the player’s crime family of choice. For more information on Streets of New Capenna, visit the official website.


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