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Side Decide Review: Colourful Puzzle Game

Side Decide is a cube-based puzzle game from Sydney developers Blue Volcano Studio. It released to Steam in August 2021 and has now released on the Nintendo Switch.

What’s Side Decide About Then?

Side Decide level

The premise of the game is simple. Move a cube around the board, navigating to the exit. The cube has a circle, a triangle, and a square on alternating sides. These sides can only be placed on a tile matching that shape. Landing on the round tile allows players to rotate the cube, presenting options for moving forward.

As the game progresses special tiles become available. These strategically placed locations have many functions, including wild card and teleport tiles. There are 121 levels full of challenges. Players must achieve at least a bronze rating before advancing to a new level.

The controls in Side Decide are very simple. Levels are presented in isometric form that players can move diagonally through with a camera that shows four different viewpoints. I had some trouble moving the cube with the Switch Pro Controller, having to push the stick quite firmly. Given that there’s no need for strength I’d like to see a bit more sensitivity to make the game more responsive.

Ooo Pretty Colours

The colours in the game are vivid and a standout of Side Decide. Different shaped tiles have different colours and the background changes to pleasant tones to match the tile players are currently on. It makes the decision to have bonus levels where the tiles change to alternating fluorescent colours so jarring. The aim is to provide an extra level of challenge, so players must pay attention to the shape of the tile rather than the colour but ends up being obnoxious instead.

The puzzles themselves offer some challenge and the way the levels are laid out lets players back out and try another if they get stuck. I initially had trouble learning how to select different levels but once you learn how it becomes second nature. Some of the puzzles feel unnecessarily busy, with extra elements present seemingly meant to distract players rather than offer an alternative solution.

Ultimately Side Decide is an enjoyable if somewhat forgettable puzzle game. For its price it’s a good value for money purchase with its 121 levels and bronze, silver, and gold ratings for each of them but there was nothing that jumped out and grabbed me. It suits the Switch as it’s best for a commute where players can jump in and out without worry.

Side Decide is out now on the Nintendo Switch for $6.99 and Steam for $7.50.

This review was made with a Nintendo Switch key provided by the developers.


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