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Aliens: Dark Descent – Gameplay Overview Trailer

Earlier in May we got an insight into the story of Aliens: Dark Descent. Now it’s time to see some of that glorious gameplay footage ahead of the game’s release on June 20. The video’s in-depth footage and commentary from Focus Entertainment and Tindalos Interactive showcases the narrative, protagonists, and gameplay mechanics of the upcoming strategic real-time squad-based tactical action game set in the iconic Alien universe.

Aliens: Dark Descent features a fully-fledged tactical campaign filled with tense moments, deep strategy, and terrifying revelations. As you explore further, you’ll progress in a complex story and attempt to solve the mysteries of Planet Lethe. Players will manage their squad as a single unit, thanks to innovative and intuitive controls on both keyboard & mouse and controller. Marines react intelligently to orders thanks to a unique Squad Behavior System that dispatches them automatically on the field. When the Xenomorph threat gets overwhelming, they can slow down time at any moment to focus on tactical decisions in the heat of the moment.

Marines are well equipped to alter their environment and deal with hostiles. The flamethrowers can be used to engulf corridors and condemn enemy paths. Suppressive fire is effective at slowing down your enemies and sentry guns are best used to sustain tough encounters while making sure not to run out of resources. Every run is unique as the Xenomorphs adapt to player behavior and action. Each choice remains unaltered as players explore extensive, open and persistent levels.

Managing the squad’s health and stress levels is equally as important as clearing objectives. And remember, when a Marine dies, they are permanently gone for good. After each mission, players return to their ship, the Otago: a hub to heal and recruit Marines, to research and develop new tech that improves gear. With 5 Marines classes available, assign a role to each of your Marines and create a stronger squad to explore further down and battle against an onslaught of iconic Xenomorph creatures.

It is not long to wait now until we can gear up and discover the source of a strange and dire threat in Aliens: Dark Descent on June 20, 2023, when the game releases on Playstation 4/5Xbox One & Series X/S, and PC.


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