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Indie Insights Ep 5 Ceri Hutton For The ADGAs

Indie Insights is a new video series from Roundtable Co-Op where we talk to people involved the indie game scene. From shining a light on games that you may not have heard of before, to showing lines of support out there for indie game developers looking to gain more knowledge in their industry, we will look at them all through this interview series.

The Australian video game industry is full of amazingly talented people. The Australian Game Developer Awards (AGDAs) are vital to recognise and reward their hard work. We talk to Ceri Hutton from IGEA about the upcoming AGDAs at the conclusion of GCAP, the judging process and some of the games nominated.

Tickets for GCAP and the ADGAs are on sale now.

Have a look at all the nominated games for the AGDAs 2023.

Check out the AGDAs: ACMI Audience Award 2023 and vote for your favourite game.

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